I’m not an athlete, can I still use Fasciawear / is it good for me?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be a professional athlete in the word’s regular sense to wear and get the full effects of Fasciawear. That being said, we think everyone is an athlete of their own life, if they just keep on pushing themselves to be active instead of plain old couch potato. Fasciawear is great for walking, cooking, doing yoga, running, jumping, cycling, and even for getting on all fours to play with grandchildren.

Can I use it while skiing / biking / walking / working / sleeping

Yes, it’s great for all kinds of activities. Fasciawear is not particularly great or even designed to be suited for swimming or other water related activities, but people are using it in almost all kinds of sports. For you though, the best judge is yourself, try it out and see if it’s good for your activities.

Is it forbidden in competition?

Well, no, not that we know of. Some sports have their own, tight regulations on clothing and you’ve got to do your own research, but for regular trail running, half marathons and sports like that, the outfit should be just fine. Though some users are reporting enhanced PB’s and claiming that moving with Fasciawear is lighter, some also say it’s a bit heavier on the muscles and they wouldn’t wear it in competition. Try it our and see it for yourself!

How does it differ from kinesiology taping?

Body posture and motion can also be supported with kinesiology tape.

A professional such as physiotherapist will apply the kinesiology tape and usually tape stays on your skin for 3-5 days.

The tape gives support to your body and enhances blood circulation in a micro level, locally in the area of body where they are applied.

However, Fasciawear works on a macro level, supporting your whole body and balancing your body posture and motion.

Fasciawear is easy to use during your daily workouts and you don't need professional help to wear it.

If you are already familiar with tape and you just want to get everything out of exercise with lesser risk of injury, then Fasciawear is your next logical step when going after your best possible performance level.

Is it just fancy compression suit?

Well, simply put, no. Compression clothing works on a micro level, just like kinesiology tape. It enhances blood circulation locally in the area of body the gear covers. Fasciawear on the other hand is not regular compression, but a full-body outfit that is supporting your whole body and balancing body posture and motion. In a nutshell: it’s not compression outfit, it’s for whole body support, strength, and feel-good.

Is it too hot for me to use?

Well, you know, it is black, tight, and covers a large part of your body, so in tropical climate it very well might be quite hot to use. However we don’t have any specific instructions of usage temperatures, and you have to try it out yourself in this matter. It’s great as an under layer or the only layer, so everything from minus degrees all the way to some 25 degrees Celsius / 77 Fahrenheit summer heat should be just fine.

Can I wear it with shorts and shirt?

By all means! Our marketing dude once wore it under snowboarding gear, while snowboarding! It’s designed to be like a second skin, so it’s light, tight and oh hey, hear this customer quote: ”Heck, it makes me feel good and fit. You know that ’I’m sexy and I know it’ feeling.”

I have a specific way of training before a competition – will it affect me and mess things up?

Probably not, but as every person is unique and every training method is unique, maybe we could have a chat first? Drop us a message at support@ranka.cc, tell us a bit about your background and our specialist will call you and make sure it’s a great fit for you.

How Fasciawear works?

Fasciawear is based on patented tension-band structure which stimulates the fascia in the body enabling better posture & body alignment, stronger core and better muscle activation balance.

Visit our technology pages for more information about Our Unique Fascia Technology

Are you sure it works for me, too?

It’s a great product, at least according to us and hundreds of positive reviews. But there are indeed people, who didn’t like it for some reason, and they’ve returned their outfits using our free return policy. So, you can always try it, and if for some reason it’s not good for you, send it back, and we’ll give you your money back.

How do I know what is the right size for me?

Fasciawear suit is manufactured from very elastic material and therefore it will adjust very well to different body shapes. When looking at the size chart make sure that you do not exceed the given maximum measures for a size.

If you are slim and tall, pick the size based on your height. If you more of a short and sturdy type, pick you size based on the circumference measures. For very tall and slim person's we also have the tall model, which gives more size options to choose from.

We are glad to help, send us email at support@ranka.cc and we help you to pick a right size.

Can I try Fasciawear somewhere?

We don’t currently have retail locations, so most convenient way to try the suit is to order the size you think will fit. We have a free return policy in case you need to change it or want to return it.

What if I don't like Fasciawear?

While 9 out 10 of our customers love Fasciawear, it is still possible that it is not for you. If this is the case, contact us at support@ranka.cc and we set up a return and refund. Customer happiness is important to us!

Are returns free?

Yes. We take pride in customer happiness. If you feel our products are not for you, contact us at support@ranka.cc and we set up a return and refund.

Do you have a quality guarantee?

Fasciawear is a high quality product designed in Finland and manufactured in Germany. Therefore we grant a 100 day quality guarantee. If your suit gets damaged without direct abuse, careless use or other external factor not related to normal use of suit we will replace your damaged order with a new one.

How can I contact you?

Easies way is to send us email at support@ranka.cc. We respond typically on the next business day.

We do also have a chat on the site, which is a great way to get quick help for picking the right size or asking questions about the Fasciawear. Our chat operators are available, if you see the chat button.