About Us

Our Mission

We love sports! It's our favorite thing to watch.

Well, to be serious, we as a company exist solely to help people enjoy an active lifestyle. We believe that running should always be a pleasure rather than painful thought.

Our Story

A running injury doesn’t just cause pain.

Even a small injury can ruin our dreams. It can make us miss the marathon we so hard were training for. It makes us to fail to achieve the long sought-after personal record. It is preventing us for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

That idea was the inspiration behind Fasciawear.

Back in 2014, Marika Heiskanen, Physical Therapist, Master’s in Health Science and Cert MDT, was recovering from ruptured Achilles tendon.

For Marika, the injury meant that her dreams of competing in national championships in show dancing – after a full year of rigorous training – were ruined. The injury also kept her away from running for more than a year.

During the long and painful recovery process, Marika had a vision about a sports outfit that would help people use their bodies in a more optimal way.

Outfit that would guide runners towards good posture, balanced muscle activation and natural movement patterns.

She envisioned a world where fewer people would have to endure the arduous recovery period that kept her from running for so long.

People behind Fasciawear

The Founder & Innovator

Marika Heiskanen holds a master’s in Health Science and is a physical therapist and Certified MDT therapist, specializes in ergonomics and treating musculoskeletal problems.

Marika also teaches physical therapy at the University of Applied Sciences in Oulu, Finland. Marika, a keen runner herself, has dedicated her professional life in helping people overcome and avoid injuries.

The Running Operator

Matti Niemistö holds a master's degree in electronics, specializes in software development and e-commerce. Matti is an enthusiastic runner with a background in competitive sports, playing water polo in the youth national team of Finland as a teenager.

After injuring his knee playing soccer, Matti has been able to re-start running with the help of Fasciawear, and is now training to improve his personal record of 1.39:40 in the half marathon.