Meet Ranka

Ranka is Finnish for backbone. For us it represents both the physical and mental strength we have. Having a strong Ranka enables us to live our lives healthy and happy. Daring to move even if things don’t always go our way. To stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.

The beginning

Back in 2014 our founder and chief scientific officer Marika Heiskanen was training to participate the Finnish Championships in show dancing together with her squad. Unfortunately, in the very last practice when rehearsing their jump routine Marika landed a jump badly rupturing her Achilles tendon, a mishap that ruined a full year of dedication and hard preparation in a single fleeting moment. Facing a lengthy recovery, Marika knew as physical therapist and expert in musculoskeletal problems what was in front of her. Her deep understanding in biomechanics and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation got her thinking about a piece of clothing that would be comfortable to wear and yet it would support & guide the posture and alignment as well as balance the muscle activation of the wearer. The idea of Fasciawear was born. Fast forward to 2019 and Ranka Clothing is proud to have Fasciawear as our flagship product helping people move and exercise in safe and efficient way and helping those with injuries to recover and re-balance their bodies.

Sustainable, slow fashion that promotes well-being

Nature and well-being have always been close to our hearts. When we started out it was just Marika and Matti, who both love to exercise and enjoy the wild nature. Having had their share of injuries, it was clear that clothing with physical benefits was going to be one of the corner stones in Ranka. The nature in the other hand was such an inspiration and energy source for both that doing the best we can the preserve it was clearly the second corner stone. That is why we produce clothing that is built to last, is made from renewable materials whenever possible and without unnecessary chemicals.