What the fascia?

Fasciawear™ – the patented full-body athletic outfit based on tension band structure woven into the outfit. This tension band structure enhances the natural pre-tension of the fascia network, in a sense amplifying a bit earth's gravity as an extra force pulling you down is applied to your body.

As a result your body will compensate the extra force, thus the muscle tonus increases slightly and your body awareness increases. You notice that your posture improves and you have a feeling of elongation, like you grew an inch suddenly. As you start to move, it is easier for you to activate your core muscles and keep good posture and alignment throughout the workout resulting in better performance and reducing the risk of injury.

So... What does it mean?

Well, fascia is vital to every form of physical activity. It is the whole-body network of connective tissue connecting all of our muscles and bones into one unitary system. It's a bit like a wrapper for all our internal things. Fascia plays a key role in all of our movement. In the words of leading fascia researcher Tom Meyers:

  • Fascia is unitary, top to toe - connects into every cell

  • Fascia transmits and accommodates force across the whole body

  • Fascia responds in many ways from seconds to months

  • Fascia is vital in every form of training

  • Most body sensing is fascial

  • Most injuries are fascial, especially those that persist.

The physiology of fascia is way too big and complicated to be presented here in full, but to those of you wanting to dig deeper in the world of fascia, there is a very good 45 min documentary still available in Youtube. We also recommend you to check out Tom Meyer's Anatomy Trains for in-depth explanation about fascia.

How Fasciawear™ works?

Many of us spend our days sitting at our desks, working on our computers and fiddling with our phones. Non-optimal work ergonomics and living habits result in unilateral loading to our bodies and only a few of us is able to remain aware of their bodily sensations and maintain a good posture regardless of the modern world. The reason why this is important is that for example prolonged sitting in a poor posture can result in the fascia in our backs to become overly stretched and the fascia in our front to become too loose. Both result in our fascia to loose its liquidity and become more rigid.

Rigid fascia has two problems. First, it is more prone to tearing, causing long lasting injuries and secondly, our muscles loose part of their capability to produce force as the fascia looses part of its capability transmit and accommodate force across our bodies as rigid sheets of fascia have poorer capability to slide amongst each other. This gliding capability is a vital part in how our muscles work. Now, if our fascia has lost its fluidity and become rigid and we then start to workout, our body is not ready. This means that we face a higher risk of getting injured. And, even if you avoid the injury, non-optimal posture and the lowered capability of muscles to produce force will lead to poorer performance. We highly recommend watching the documentary for more insight on fascia.

Like-said, Fasciawear™ contains special tension bands that produce that extra force on you body. The extra force together with the improved posture stimulate your fascia network encouraging too-tight parts of the network to loosen and too-loose parts to become more active. This balancing effect will help the fascia, both overly stretched and shortened fascia, to regain their liquidity, thus reducing the risk of tearing and leading to better performance and lower risk of injury.

The second benefit of Fasciawear™ is the improved body awareness and increased sensory feedback. As explained by Tom Meyers, most sensing is fascial, and by stimulating the fascia network Fasciawear™ causes our fascia to send more information to our brains about our posture and position, thus increasing our body awareness. This helps us in multiple ways, first it helps us use our bodies in a balanced fashion, using both sides equally. Second, it helps with proper muscle activation order, starting with strong core. Body awareness, good posture and balanced muscle activation guide toward optimal, efficient movement improving performance. Balanced use of your body and proper posture help you to reduce the strain on your muscles and joints caused by the workout, allowing you to exercise more efficiently, more safely, and recover faster.

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