Our Unique Fascia Technology

And how it will help you to achieve more

Simply put, fascia is the whole-body network of connective tissue connecting all of our muscles and bones into one unitary system. It's a bit like a wrapper for all our internal things. Fascia plays a key role in all of our movement.

Fascia transmits force across the whole body, responds in many ways from seconds to months, and is vital in every form of training. Most body sensing is also fascial, as well as injuries – especially those which persist.

What is fascia?

The fascia in the human body is vital to every form of physical activity. Fascia plays a key role in all of our movement, it has 6 times more proprioceptors than muscles which are responsible for telling our brains how our body is located in space, thus helping us find and maintain optimal position as we move. Fascia is also responsible of transmitting and accommodating force globally, without fascia we wouldn’t for example be able to run or lift anything.

For those of you wanting to learn more about the fascia, you can read our whitepaper on the fascia lines in the human body.

How do we damage our fascia every day?

Many of us spend our days sitting at our desks, working on our computers and fiddling with our phones. Non-optimal work ergonomics and living habits result in unilateral loading to our bodies and only a few of us is able to remain aware of their bodily sensations and maintain a good posture regardless of the modern world.

The reason why this is important is that for example prolonged sitting in a poor posture can result in the fascia in our backs to become overly stretched and the fascia in our front to become too loose. Both result in our fascia to loose its liquidity and become more rigid.

The problems of rigid fascia

It is prone to tearing and causing long lasting injuries

Rigid sheets of fascia can’t slide amongst each other so well, and it takes away capabilities to produce force from our muscles

Now, if our fascia has lost its fluidity and become rigid and we then start to workout, our body is not ready. This means that we face a higher risk of getting injured. And, even if you avoid the injury, non-optimal posture and the lowered capability of muscles to produce force will lead to poorer performance.

How can those damages be undone?

Our Flagship product Fasciawear gets its name by how it helps you. The idea behind the product is based on a patented innovation by Marika Heiskanen, a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience in ergonomics and caring musculoskeletal and muscular problems, and a master's degree in Health Sciences.

Fasciawear is utilizing a special tension band structure woven into the outfit. This tension band structure enhances the natural pre-tension of the fascia network, in a sense amplifying a bit earth's gravity as an extra force pulling you down is applied to your body.

The extra force together with the improved posture stimulate your fascia network encouraging too-tight parts of the network to loosen and too-loose parts to become more active. This balancing effect will help the fascia, both overly stretched and shortened fascia, to regain their liquidity.

As a result of the tension structure your body will push against the extra force, thus the muscle readiness and your body awareness increases. You notice that your posture improves and you have a feeling like you grew an inch suddenly. It is easier for to activate your core muscles and keep good posture and alignment throughout the workout.

Fasciawear is great in any moving where balanced muscle activation, correct muscle activation order, good posture, and body alignment and strong core are important, which in practice is almost every possible sport.

Good examples of such activities are running, walking, strength training, yoga and pilates to name a few. Wearing the suit during workout and daily activities supports your body towards good posture and natural motion reducing aches and pains and speeding recovery.

Where Fasciawear can be used?

Fasciawear is optimal basically for any sports besides swimming and other water sports. Runners and people practicing sports that require running have found it particularly useful. During workout, the key benefit of it is the increase in motor control and support in challenging and loaded movements. This improves performance and helps prevent sports injuries.

Another large user group that has found it to be literally a lifesaver (or should we say painkiller) are people with physical conditions like ankylosing spondylitis, knee arthritis, hip arthritis, runner's knee, low back pain and other conditions causing pain during and after being physically active.

Fasciawear is loved by 9 out of 10 users

While we’re not claiming that our flagship product Fasciawear would solve all physical problems, it has helped many of its users to recover from injuries, overcome pains and aches and stay active.

Fasciawear will help you to find a better form and to keep a good posture, even when your body gets tired.

It is loved especially for its unique posture and form correcting features. In fact, 9 out of 10 users say they would hate it if they didn’t own it anymore.

Decide for yourself, Try it out now!

"I’ve been running always, but I haven’t really enjoyed it for years. I’ve been very aware of my bad form during my runs, my left knee has been painful, breathing has been weird and the whole package has been just all over the place.

Well, when I got the suit, it all just changed immediately. First I realized that ok, I don’t have to think about my posture and form anymore – my body takes care of it now. I felt how my footsteps were natural and light. The outfit forced my breathing to utilize the whole diaphragm area.

Oh my god, I had really fixed my main problems with one outfit. After the run my abs felt like they had the workout of their lifetime as well, and I didn’t even know that was possible with just running. Now I have become nearly dependent on the outfit, I will not run without it anymore."