Fasciawear supports, balances & guides your body

Your performance in sports is a sum of many different factors. How skilled are you at your sport? How good is your technique? Muscular strength and endurance naturally also plays a big role. Cardiovascular capacity determines your ability to give muscles the fuel they need, oxygen. At competition time also confidence and strategic thinking greatly influence on how well you do.

Fasciawear is a revolutionary sports outfit that activates the fascia network in your body improving posture, alignment and muscle activation & balance. It helps you to get more out of your body, sustain more lactates and move more efficiently.

What improves performance?

Overall there are multiple ways to improve your performance. You can pay attention to your technique to be more efficient and powerful. You can work on your strength or improve your endurance. You can improve your cardiovascular capacity to last longer under heavier load. You can build your confidence with mental exercises or you can study the past races to learn more about your competition and perfect your strategy for the upcoming race.

While Fasciawear won't make you a master strategist or zen master, it will help you with your technique, strength and endurance as well as cardiovascular capacity. Fasciawear is a patented sports outfit that improves and balances muscle activation and will help you keep good posture and proper alignment during exercise leading in to better and more efficient performance. Here's how:

Better Technique

Having a good technique relies on your capacity to understand how your body is positioned and how you move. This is called body awareness and it is dependent on how much information your brains receive from your body's proprioceptors. Without this understanding it will be difficult to keep your technique perfect, especially when you get tired.

The patented tension-band structure in Fasciawear stimulates the Fascia network in your body. As the fascia has 6 times more proprioceptors than muscles for example, wearing Fasciawear greatly increases the information your brain gets improving you body awareness and your capacity to hone your technique to perfection.

Better Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance

Your aerobic and anaerobic capacity are key factors in most sports (well maybe not in darts). Especially in endurance sports it can be the deciding factor. Your aerobic capability defines how fast you can run, walk, bike etc with your body still being able to remove all the lactate being produced. Once the anaerobic threshold has been passed it is down to your capability to sustain increasing lactates without losing your performance.

According to the study by University of Jyväskylä, Fasciawear improves the utilization of both the aerobic and anaerobic energy production systems, improves VO2 values and your capability to sustain lactates in your blood. You can read the full study here.

Stronger core

Strong core is key in every form of physical activity. Without strong core your superficial muscles work overtime and exercising with a proper technique will become very difficult especially during the later part of the training when your muscles are tired.

Fasciawear improves both the core muscle activation and their capacity to produce force. In fact we have measured up to 50% more force produced by the pelvic floor muscles with Fasciawear. This helps you keep and maintain strong core throughout the exercise helping you to finish strong.

Better posture, alignment and balance

Good posture, proper body alignment and muscle balance are key factors for good performance. Poor posture and alignment will have an negative effect on your technique and also make you less efficient. If in running for example the needed triple extension (hip, knee & ankle) falls short or you knees and ankles are pointing in non-optimal direction part of the force is lost. Muscle activation balance in the other hand helps you move in a smooth, balanced way enabling you to get the most out of your body without tiring any part faster than the rest of you body.

The tension-band structure in Fasciawear support and guides your body towards good posture and alignment and balances the muscle activation for efficient, improved performance. 

Fasciawear is loved by 9 out of 10 users

While we’re not claiming that our flagship product Fasciawear would make you world champion by itself, it has helped many of its users to improve their performance by helping them improve their technique, build more strength and improve endurance.

Fasciawear will help you improve your performance, to find a better form and to keep a good posture, even when your body gets tired. It helps you to get that extra 10% out of you body.

It is loved especially for its unique posture and form correcting features. In fact, 9 out of 10 users say they would hate it if they didn’t own it anymore.

Decide for yourself, Try it out now!

"I pulled my outfit on and got immediately excited. Really, it helps me to stay in a good posture, and I felt how my pelvis moved forward. Only the fact that it is helping my body to stay in a better form is great, but the I like the most about the posture correcting features.

Running itself was like from action movies. I can’t remember a run that has felt that good, ever. I’ve been running for 15 years, and this run topped all my previous runs. My body stayed spry, I had no problems to stay in a good form on a challenging terrain trail. That particular trail is my “go-to” trail, average heart rate was the same as usually, but my pace was 51 seconds faster per kilometer than usual. Wow. Truly worth the investment of under 200 euros.