Fasciawear supports, balances & guides your body

No pain, No gain is common phrase amongst athletes and active people. While it is partly true, exercising does cause micro damage to muscles which our bodies then correct to be stronger (the principle of supercompensation), it doesn't mean that sports should lead to pain. The good news is that pains and aches can be reduced and even avoided.

Fasciawear is a revolutionary sports outfit that activates the fascia network in your body improving posture, alignment & muscle balance. This reduces pains and aches you experience during and after the exercise.

What causes pain?

Overall there are a vast number of reasons causing us to feel pain. You might have a physical condition like fibromyalgia, psychological reasons (causing back pain for example) to physiological reasons caused be physical activity. Some muscle pain does belong to physical activity, more severe muscle and joint pains are commonly caused by bad posture, poor alignment and weak or tights muscles and muscle imbalances causing cramps, strains and excessive load on muscles and joints.

While some of the pain factors, physical conditions or psychological conditions, we cannot change with Fasciawear, we can help you with muscle and joint pain caused by excessive strain. Fasciawear is a patented sports outfit that will help you keep good posture and proper alignment during exercise which reduces strain on muscles and joints reducing the pain and ache you feel. Here's how:

Stronger core

Strong core is key in every form of physical activity. Without strong core your superficial muscles work overtime and exercising with a proper technique will become very difficult especially during the later part of the training when your muscles are tired. This puts excessive load on your joints and muscles leading to pain and aches.

Fasciawear improves both the core muscle activation and their capacity to produce force. In fact we have measured up to 50% more force produced by the pelvic floor muscles with Fasciawear. This helps you keep and maintain strong core throughout the exercise.

Better posture

Good posture is absolutely critical for the back health. The human spine folds in all directions, and a healthy spine shouldn’t have to be guarded in any folding direction. Many of us spend big part of day sitting which literally freezes us in c-shape sitting position. Bad posture loads your back and joints causing for example back pain and knee problems.

The tension-band structure in Fasciawear helps us regain our normal, upright posture. Sitting in c-shape is possible, but your body actually has to work against the tension-bands making the proper, upright posture feel natural. 

Better alignment

Our current way of life has negative effect also in our alignment. Majority of people suffer from reduced hip mobility and too tight hamstring and calf muscles making proper alignment impossible when running, working out on a gym and many other sports. This puts excess strain on your back, hip, knees and ankles, increasing risk of injury and causes pain, swelling and inflammation on the overloaded joints.

Fasciawear both stimulates the fascia for improved motor control, thus better hip-knee-ankle alignment, and helps your fascia to regain its elasticity, which helps with the muscle tightness. Exercising with better alignment reduces pain and aches you feel during and after exercise.

Muscle activation balance

Most of us are either right or left handed and usually this means that we favor one side of the body over the other. In sports this can be a problem as big side differences cause us to strain the other half more than the other making us prone to injuries. This is true even among the very top level athletes.

Fasciawear balances the muscle activation making your weaker half work more and giving the stronger half much needed break. This will reduce load on joints and muscles thus reducing pain and ache from overuse. In the long run this will help you develop in to more balanced, stronger you with lower risk of facing an overuse injury.

Fasciawear is loved by 9 out of 10 users

While we’re not claiming that our flagship product Fasciawear would make you indestructible, it has helped many of its users to recover from sports injuries, overcome pains and aches and remain active and healthy.

Fasciawear will help you to find a better form and to keep a good posture, even when your body gets tired.

It is loved especially for its unique posture and form correcting features. In fact, 9 out of 10 users say they would hate it if they didn’t own it anymore.

Decide for yourself, Try it out now!

"I’ve been running always, but I haven’t really enjoyed it for years. I’ve been very aware of my bad form during my runs, my left knee has been painful, breathing has been weird and the whole package has been just all over the place.

Well, when I got the suit, it all just changed immediately. First I realized that ok, I don’t have to think about my posture and form anymore – my body takes care of it now. I felt how my footsteps were natural and light. The outfit forced my breathing to utilize the whole diaphragm area.

Oh my god, I had really fixed my main problems with one outfit. After the run my abs felt like they had the workout of their lifetime as well, and I didn’t even know that was possible with just running. Now I have become nearly dependent on the outfit, I will not run without it anymore."