Are you an active person who just loves to exercise? Interested about staying fit and exercising wisely?

Ranka Clothing (Ranka is Finnish for Backbone) is looking for enthusiastic and active people to join our team of...

Introducing Ranka Athletes

Ranka Athletes is a community of like-minded people who love to exercise, want to stay fit and healthy and who want to stay connected and learn from each other.

Through our weekly challenges, chats, and interviews we want to share information, ideas and experiences to help you thrive.


Participate & Collect Ranka Points

By contributing to the community you can earn Ranka Points. Ranka Points can be redeemed as Ranka Merchandise in our store.

Participate live events as a Ranka Athlete

Got that race coming up? Why not enroll as a Ranka Athlete, share your experience in social media and send us links to the participant list & results and you can earn up to 150 points.

Join our weekly challenges on Ranka Instagram

Each week we will be arranging challenges on Instagram. By participating on the challenges you can win extra points.

Promote Ranka on social media

Earn points by helping us gain awareness in social media.

Include our logo, tag us and mention Ranka Clothing in caption on your social media posts to earn up to 35 points per post.

Ranka Points = Ranka merchadise

All your hard-earned Ranka Points can be redeemed as Ranka merchandise in our store. 

Unlock New Perks & Rewards

As you collect more points and progress on the Ranka Athlete ranks, you also unlock new perks & rewards including personal discount codes, affiliate codes and more.

Join us today

Joining Ranka Athletes could not be simpler. Just create an account here: 

Then follow us on Instagram and send a DM to us with your name, favorite sport, email and let us know why you'd be a great Ranka Athlete.

As joining bonus, you'll receive your first 100 Points!!

But HURRY! Only 10 new Ranka Athlete slots available