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Body awareness is better when training

“My work is really irregular, but nevertheless, I always manage to find time for exercise. Managing a demanding job is easier when I take care of myself and my overall well-being. When the time for training is limited and the goals are high, the training has to be effective. At the moment I’m preparing for the international Bikini Fitness competition in April in Germany. It is third week of my diet now and I want to do all my training thoroughly. Fasciawear helps me to get maximum benefits from my workout. Fasciawear provides a better posture, improves performance and gives you overall resistance.

Wearing Fasciawear I have exercised in a gym, trained body control and walked in the snow with my dog. When the suit is on, the awareness of the body is better and body control as well as balance is easier to keep. I have felt the added resistance of the suit, especially when exercising my back muscles, buttocks and hamstrings. I have managed to concentrate the exercise better to a particular muscle and even discover whole new muscles.”

Tiina Hyvärinen
Bikini fitness-athlete, European Champion 2018, real estate agent and mom

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