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Same phenomenon as with Kinesio tape

“ I went shopping with Faciawear on. I wanted to test how it works in everyday life.

I was a little surprised by the fact that my sore ankle started to feel comfortably warm. A couple of months ago during training I jumped on a ball and ended up with moderate level ligament injury. The ankle is still swollen and sore. Immediately after the injury, kinesiology tape was placed in my ankle in order to activate the metabolism and to accelerate the healing process. Kinesiology taping also sought to support the ankle position. During the three-week period I went five times to see a physiotherapist familiar with kinesiology taping. When I was walking in town wearing Fasciawear, I felt the same phenomenon in my ankle as with kinesiology tape. And the good thing about this was that the entire body’s movement chain got support. We are like chains of muscles that are connected and held together by the fascia network. If my ankle wouldn’t get better, it would start causing problems also with my lower back and upper body.


 I have coached aesthetic group gymnastics for almost thirty years and with Vive-team, shown in the picture, I started when the girls were four and five years old. In our training session the girls very well noticed the coach’s new training suit that happened to match the team’s training outfit. During the warm up, I thought that Fasciawear might be even more useful for a person with challenges in body control, but it really forced to keep the movements straight. I did not feel that the suit would have resisted the movement, it was more like lifting up the movement. Putting Fasciawear on the first time was a little difficult, but when it was on it didn’t feel too tight nor bother. The suit makes you feel slimmer and puts everything where it should be.  And if it would be somehow bad looking, my teen at home would have certainly given me feedback about that.


Minna Keskitalo

Gymnastics team coach, health exercise planner, physiotherapist and mom

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