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Fasciawear straightens the body’s posture and equalizes asymmetries

Sanna Rantala’s thoughts about how Fasciawear can help balance body’s asymmetry, increase your awareness of your body and improve body control!

Fasciawear brought surprising benefits

As a psychophysical physiotherapist and an instructor of the field, Sanna Rantala has extensive expertise, among other things, of correcting different kinds of faulty body postures and faulty body movements, as well as facilitating pain relief.

Rantala’s experiences after about one month of testing and using Fasciawear have been interesting. Effectiveness of the suit is based on the resistant elastic bands sewn in the fabric, aligned with fascias, activating the muscles and guiding movements in the right direction.

“I like to try new things, but at first I was very sceptical about the suit’s functionality,” Rantala says.

“Within a variety of therapeutic and exercise forms lies often the risk of the good feeling in the body leading a person to carry out exercises that are too burdensome. In situations like this the reality strikes hard, when the pain is even more intense after workout than before.”

Rantala notes to be surprised by the fact that when using Fasciawear the overperformance and uneven strain of the body is much less likely to happen.

Fasciawear relaxes – like being in the water

Fasciawear relaxes the body and increases the awareness of your posture, thus helping to keep the workout load in appropriate level. In addition, the recovery after exercising becomes significantly faster

“The suit provides a warm, safe and soothing sensation as soon as it’s on. Body positions, borders and movements seem to be intensified,” Rantala describes.

The suit calms down the breathing by making it deeper and less frequent.

“The feeling is similar to being surrounded by water, really pleasant.”

Fasciawear straightens the posture of the body

Fasciawear provides bodily sensation equal to pressure clothing, which is used to reinforce the body and posture awareness. Along with increasing control of the body, wearing the suit also provides relaxation, supports concentration and facilitates body awareness.

“When control of the body is not there, it might be hard to recognise one’s posture without looking into the mirror. With this suit, it’s easy to notice if your posture is faulty. Fasciawear helps the body to maintain balance and symmetry.”

Rantala has noticed that a strong central line orientation can be held for a surprisingly long time even after taking off the suit.

“The sensation offered by Fasciawear remains in body memory for a long time, even for several days,” Rantala is astonished.

Weak muscles are activated and the tense ones loosen

Fasciawear reduces the body’s compensatory motion patterns, meaning situations where too little work of some part of the body becomes replaced with overwork of another part.

“The suit activates lazy muscles and gives rest to those muscles that are forced or otherwise trying to work too much. This way the strain of the body is balanced, weaker parts activate and the tense ones get more rest.”

Fasciawear provides the benefits of kinesiology taping without discomfort of the glue

Fasciawear’s benefits are often compared with the benefits of kinesiology taping. Rantala points out that with this suit come the benefits of taping, without the skin irritating glue.

“In fact, I myself can’t use tape because the glue itches and consumes the skin. Elastic bands sewn in the garment have same effect as tape, but completely without the disadvantages of the adhesive!”

Fasciawear works in training as well as in everyday life

Among other things Sanna Rantala is interested in pilates and has noticed the benefits of Fasciawear also in this sport form. Garment activates muscles, directs movement and posture in the right direction, in addition to intensifying the exercise.

“When wearing the suit, the elastic bands inside it provide resistance. Training becomes significantly more effective when having to stretch against the elastic bands,” says Rantala.

Sanna Rantala has used Fasciawear, not only in active sports and outdoor activities, but also in everyday activities, such as cleaning the house, doing dishes -and napping. She believes the garment may relieve the feeling of pain and even remedy sleep disorders. According to her personal experience, sleeping with fascia suit on was very calm and refreshing.

“The garment is just tight enough. It doesn’t make you sweat or abrade.”

Fasciawear enhances the body image

Rantala thinks that Fasciawear might be used in different kinds of training and in variety of sports, but she also sees its potential in professional use, for example, as a therapy tool in psychophysical physiotherapy.

“Fasciawear might heighten the self-esteem of a person whose body image is weak or fragile. The garment controls position and movement nicely in the right direction and also provides the experience of having a straight, tight and slimmer appearance. Use of this suit could support self-esteem and self-image, and maybe even encourage person to correct his or her diet and exercise more.”

Fasciawear reduces pain

Sanna Rantala has, in many ways, been impressed by the benefits of Fasciawear.

“I have seen the suit work like magic. A crooked body may have caused a variety of ailments and pains, but Fasciawear makes it possible to restore body symmetry."

Rantala notes that the price of Fasciawear is in line with the price level of any other sports equipment. The garment costs about the same as a pair of skis or skates.

“I don’t think that one can put a price on significantly improved everyday functioning, reduced pain or improved quality of life. Investing in your well being always pays off,” Rantala points out.

“I think that, for example, people with asymmetric body, imbalance of muscles, difficulty of perceiving posture or body boundaries and people with pain perhaps caused by these reasons, would benefit the qualities of Fasciawear. I recommend trying this suit!” concludes Rantala.

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